Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Must Visit Place in Chicago: Navy Pier

Navy Pier, a place where you can expect all the rythm of life. What I like most is the view of Chicago from Navy Pier and in evening it was awesome and amazing. You can also enjoy cruise and boat ride here. Every Saturday and Wednesday there is a fire-cracking event just to increase the beauty of chicago in night. Like in most of the city, you don't need to rent a car, the commutation is well managed by CTA ( Chicago Transit Authority). If you are living in downtown or towards lakeshore, you can enjoy easily its charm.

Bus CTA 124, CTA 65 and blue line train to lakeshore are easy option to reach there. Every evening there used to be a music concert( Free entry ) where you can enjoy western music with drink. You will always found charming crowd here. Chicago:Navy Pier is a perfect place to hangout with friends where you can eat tons of variety of foods.

Enjoy the movie at IMAX, that within Navy Pier circle. A Great combination of Peace, fun and excitement is waiting for you all.  

Monday, June 2, 2014

India: Haunted with an "Italian" Affair

Again, after a long time my sense force me to write something, my fingers automatically started. Blogging is always a nice feeling for writers. Nothing to say about this!!! Now Mind thinks the subject to write about. Many things are in upfront, many miles I have covered, most of the time just thought about something to start new,  reached  to new work place USA and met with new people. Got many new things here and lost too. My Chennai friends, weekend cricket, beach evening etc. After all heart says……THAT’S LIFE.

I am in a state of mixed mood now days. Some time I thought about to leave IT sector and prepare for civil service, some time while watching NAMO on news, thought to join BJP(Bharatiya Janta Party), some time want to continue study again. I know it was not my fault, I just want my life to be in meaningful motion. Whatever the situation I was going through, if I will write about it…I feel good, satisfy and peaceful.

Sometime… , actually many time I thinks about the political scenario of our nation. How a silent Sardaar could not do anything, could not take any decision in front of Italian lady and his illiterate son Pappu. 


Is it the Love Marriage of Rajiv Gandhi that forces India to be in this state!!!!!

Is this  the Communication Revolution that he brings from Italy? And at last

For this Love Marriage he has been awarded our prestigious “Bharat Ratna”.  

 I remembered the days of 2004-5, Rahul Gandhi was a popular and ideal person for youth just because he has taken a graduate degree from USA university, without knowing the fact later revealed by Dr Subramanyam Swami. Every Indian appreciate to have Rahul Gandhi as PM and now when everyone know the fact, everyone says Thank you God!!!!          

In between Mr  Kejariwal shown a good talent of being an IIT graduate. He always said I am aam aadmi and people of India agreed on that point, believes on his ideas and appoint him New Delhi chief minister. It was a miraculous win by Aam Aadmi. Although he was not happy as the government was made in support with Congress, he ran Delhi government for 47 days and resigned from the post and willing to be PM in Loksabha election. 

Didn’t he thought that Delhi people want to see Delhi as good as other prominent capitals in the world.  What was the point to win in Delhi election if you have to resign and want to be PM.  

People of India now knew that Mr Kejariwal have the ability to speak well as he is the most suppressed person in India. I don’t know how he cleared IIT and IAS if he has no patience and mindset. He could win a seat in this Loksabha election but he started testing the election as IIT/ IAS and stood against Mr Narendra Modi, who has been admired by the chief of top developed nations for his work on Gujrat State. There is a proverb in Hindi “भावनाओं में बहना”, yes Mr Kejariwal justified that pro-verb.  

All Indians are waiting for this election as the international market is keep touching sky, Petrol price, Food, Milk, and even people security going to be worst in India. Rape, Murder was common in whole nation. Delhi, the capital is one of the most unsecured place in India, is it good to say that Delhi is Capital of India after all. Our economist PM just has foreign university degree to declare his ablity, full time 10 year he watched Italian Doll silently. 2014, Rahul Gandhi is no more USA graduate hero. He gave some foolish speeches that also contributes much to bring him down from the heart of Indian people.

We have some more foolish people who distribute laptop, do some fake religious politics in all over the country.


Its NAMO Yuga, Cheer to have such PM who has won the people, raise the issue of Black Money in Swiss Bank, teaches the Chinease PM about Chinease Legend, know the world history, down to earth and biggest thing the attachment to soul. I heard that he has a team of IAS Think Tankers. These five years NAMO has to bring remarkable belief from People of India on him. It’s the time when BJP has to show quality of nation.

Few points that I think to care most:
1.       Education is the 1st step towards achieving the goal of developed nation.
2.       Religious peace (For that RSS needs to think much)
3.       Include all religious education that describe unity. (Kran-Sharif, Geetatmritam, Cristian belief etc). Teach practical of Namaaz and Pooja etc. Elaborate Religion concept.
4.       Tight the security of nation.
5.       Bribe free nation policy.
6.       Electricity revolution.

                                Narendra Modi Wallpaper